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The T-4-3 Triplet Hire Company Ltd., has full public liability insurance (details available on request), but WE STRONGLY ADVISE anyone wishing to hire and / or ride our machines, to contact their chosen charity, household or travel insurers etc., to formally explain their hire plans and ensure all likely riders are fully covered for personal or third-party risks etc., during the period of hire.

When you hire a triplet or bicycle (referred to as ‘machine’ from now on) from T-4-3 Triplet Hire Ltd., you agree to:

  • Be fully responsible for the machine and any parts or accessories, such as padlocks, lights, toolkit, puncture kit, elastic ropes, panniers etc., if provided, while they are in your possession during the period of hire.
  • Be fully responsible for the full cost of any repair or replacement of the machine, parts or accessories required as a result of damage or theft.
  • To make sure the machine is kept in good condition during the hire period. (You are not responsible for damage due to parts failure).
  • To return the machine to us (if convenient) for repair or, if necessary (and with our prior permission) conduct small temporary repairs or minor adjustment yourself.
  • Take the machine to a cycle shop as soon as is practicable, to have any temporary repairs checked and / or made good. Take the machine to a cycle shop (with our prior permission) if a major repair is needed.
  • Use the machine within the constraints of the law and be considerate to other road users and pedestrians.
  • Use front and back lights, if provided, when cycling in low light or after dark.
  • Always use the padlock provided, to secure the machine when unattended, preferably to an immovable object.
  • Promptly inform us in the event of an accident, damage or theft.
  • Be fully responsible for returning the machine to us within the agreed period of hire.
  • Tell us as soon as you can if you will have to bring the cycle back late.
  • Forfeit all or part of your deposit if you break our agreements.
  • Ensure riders wear cycle helmets provided, or their own helmets, at all times.
  • Cycle within the limits of the least able rider on the machine. (There is no shame in getting off and pushing the machine up a hill. Also, it is better to be safe than sorry and walk the machine down hills if the gradient, road surface or bends in the road look like they could be dangerous.


If damage is caused to a triplet as a result of recklessness or careless riding, the hirer will lose all, or a proportion of their deposit. The amount of deposit forfeited will depend on how serious the damage is, how much it costs to repair and how long the machine is off-the-road,  unable to be hired out until mended.

Alcohol and drugs: 

Almost certain insurance invalidation and deposit forfeiture will result if the triplet is involved in an accident and /or damaged while the riders are found to have been drinking alcohol and / or taking drugs.

Non-authorised riders: 

Hirers must not allow strangers, un-named or unauthorised riders to ride or be carried on our machines during the period of hire. Almost certain insurance invalidation and deposit forfeiture will result if the triplet is involved in an accident while it is being ridden by anyone, or carrying anyone other than those authorised under our terms of business and hire agreement. Hirers must gently but firmly resist the ‘pester power’ of onlookers asking for a ride.




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