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  • We are based at Churchtown, Nr Garstang,  Lancashire, about 10 miles north of Preston on the A6. Triplets are 11 feet (3.2 metres) long and you will need a decent-sized van, or a large car with roof rack to transport one.
  • Our Triplets are built to be strong and safe, but the safety of all three riders ultimately rests with the ’pilot’ at the front. The ’pilot’ has to be a strong, experienced cyclist, with a keen appreciation of what could happen to passengers, pedestrians and other road users, if the machine is ridden recklessly or without due care and attention.
  • Big epic rides are all well and good, but you must be fit, have planned the ride down to the last detail, have excellent support and be prepared for mechanical breakdowns. Be realistic and stay well within your limitations when hiring a triplet for the first time.
  • Useful tip: Before you hire a triplet, it may be helpful to try riding a tandem bicycle first. Tandem hire is the quickest way to experience the level of teamwork needed to ride an extra-long bike, especially up and down hills. To find out who offers tandem hire near you, just type 'tandem hire' into Google or Explorer and you should be given a list of tandem hire outlets throughout the UK. If tandem riding gives you a buzz, you should be fine on a triplet. T-4-3 hires tandems also.
  • Please click here to print off a triplet specification document which contains a warning which all riders must read.
  • Anyone planning to hire or ride our triplets must also read this article about braking techniques for tandems on long downhill rides. This article is even more relevant for triplet riders.
  • Weight and height guidelines for triplet comfort and safety

    A triplet for one adult and two children:
    Suggested rider ages or size:
    Front rider; 5’- 4” to 5’-11”
    Middle rider; children aged 7-12 years
    Rear rider; children aged 4 -10 years
    (The front adult rider should NOT weigh more than 16 stone)

    A triplet for three adults or teenagers:
    Suggested rider size:
    Front rider; 6 ft tall (maximum)
    Middle rider; under 6ft
    Rear rider; under 6 ft
    (None of the riders should weigh more than 16 stone)



The T-4-3 Triplet Hire Company is a very small family business.

Triplets cannot be sent out to customers via national carriers etc., for two main reasons:

  1. Previous experience has taught us it is almost inevitable our expensive machines will be damaged in transit.

  2. At least one of the key riders, in an adult triplet team and key riders of family triplets and tandems must have a pre-hire lesson. Copies of our terms of business must be signed by a key rider or riders to confirm they have read the advisory articles we have recommended.

We suggest triplets are collected from Churchtown, Nr Garstang, about 10 miles north of Preston on the A6, in a decent-sized van, or taken away on the roof of a long car. Click here for information on how to carry a triplet or a tandem on a car roof.

T-4-3 may be able to offer a collection and / or delivery service (manpower and time permitting). The additional cost of such a service is negotiable and will need to cover our transport time and fuel costs.



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