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T-4-3 Triplet Hire is based near Garstang, Lancashire, PR3 0TA. For all enquiries please phone Neal on 01253 726483 or 07931 305 979 or email to 

Once you have made a firm booking, we will need to liaise closely prior to your hire date, to arrange where and when you can pick up  your machines and the best time and date you can return them.

  1. The start date and finish date of the proposed ride
    You may also need to add extra days either side of the actual ride dates to allow for collecting and returning the hire bike. Sometimes we can deliver and collect bikes by special arrangement, but it will involve extra cost.
  2. Where the ride will take place
    Triplets cost 2,500 each and Tandems cost 1,500 each. They cannot be ridden on rough off-road routes, including canal towpaths which are usually very unmade and bumpy once you ride beyond the perimeters of towns and cities.
  3. What the ride is for
    If it is a charity fund-raising ride, we can give you a few useful tips on how triplets can be used to raise extra money.
  4. How many triplets or tandems you will require
    T-4-3 Triplet Hire is a small 'hobby' business. We don't have a massive fleet of machines! We advise you to plan your ride and reserve your bike(s) well in advance to avoid disappointment.



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